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Bell Tower Funding

Hi everyone. There was some confusion about funding yesterday, so let us explain: when the bell tower idea was pitched, everyone wanted it to be at no cost to the school. So, materials, time, labor, and money were all donated to its construction.

The two checks issued to Jamie were donations that originally should have gone to her to begin with, but they were made out to the school. The $322.72 was in the ASB fund and was received as part of a private donation last school year. The donation was a total of $500. The remainder ($177.28) went to an elective online course one of our students took last year.

That $500 was donated to the school, not to Jamie. The donation was received before the end of last school year. So, in order to get that donation to make its way to Jamie, we had to write her a check because we had the money.

The story is the same for the other $300. The money was donated to us generously by board members and staff. Their checks were made out to the school, not to Jamie. So we first had to receive the money and then give it to Jamie.

We hope this clears up any confusion.

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