Superintendent's Message

Mask up! Let's get ready to learn. 

Levanger, Norway 

To Our School Community, 

              Thank you for inviting me into your lives and trusting me with the essential task of overseeing the education of our students. I believe that education is the platform that will allow our students to thrive in our ever-changing world. To compete in a world that we can only begin to imagine, students must learn the skills necessary to flourish post-graduation.


             Our community of educators has come together to explore ways of creating competitive pathways for our students. Whether college or trade school, students must be given the tools to become independent and global thinkers.


             As a resident of North River, my family is constantly humbled by your generosity. Flower garlands, fresh eggs, and baked goods are a few things we have been gifted with. Through these community interactions, it is apparent that the valley of North River prides itself in sustainable agricultural practices.


             As the leader of the school, I feel that it is important to expose our students to multiple ways of life. This includes opportunities for field trips, foreign exchange, language learning…etc. As a sixteen-year-old, I packed my bags and moved to Norway. Going from a city to living on a farm opened my eyes to a different type of life and cultural practices. This experience allowed me to see beyond my previous experiences and decide what path would be right for me. In turn, I am a strong advocate for nurturing our students to be global citizens.

              Our school community consists of our amazing staff and student body. Let us be reminded that each staff member and student bring their unique experiences and life circumstances to the table. As we are here for every student, it is our role to teach dialogue and discussion that will enhance our abilities to accept differences that extend beyond what we know. Thank you for entrusting me with this critical role.

Mrs. Maehlum

Superintendent | Principal 

*Jeg snakker norsk*

Meet Our Staff

Teacher: Pre-K 3-4 & Kindergarten

Mrs. Nelson

Teacher: 1st & 2nd Grades

Mrs. Brock

Teacher: 4th & 5th Grades

Mrs. Nelson

Teacher: 1st-5th Grades, Math

Mr. Pierson

Athletic Director & Teacher: 6th-12th Grades, Math and Science 

Mr. Farnell

Teacher: 6th-12th Grades, 

 Math and Science 

Mr. Clausen

Teacher: 6th-12th Grades,  

Social Studies 

Teacher: Shop, Small Engine Repair, Business and Agriculture 

Mrs. Beyer

Teacher: 6th-12th Grades, 

English Language Arts 

Teacher: Physical Education & Special Education

Mrs. Johnson

Teacher: Art, Music, & French

*Je parle français*

Mrs. Fuquay

Paraeducator: PreK 3-4 & Kindergarten 

Mrs. Watters

Paraeducator: Special Education

Paraeducator: Special Education

*hablo español*

School Cook

*hablo español*

Mrs. Pratt (Pama)

Business Manager &

Human Resources

Mrs. Peterson

Food Service Director, Foster & Homeless Care Liaison,

Civil Rights Coordinator

Mr. Fuquay

Transportation and Maintenance Director

Mrs. Coulter  

Bus Driver & Custodian


Mrs. Poukkula

Bus Driver

Mr. Rodriguez  

Behavioral Facilitator &

Student Services

*hablo español*

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