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The Trauma Team helps students reach their greatest potentials!

So grateful to Mrs. Jamie Peterson for reaching out to BestSelf Company and Letz Talk Now - both companies donated supplies to our trauma team!

The first company responded on the day of Jamie’s request. BestSelf Company not only offered us wholesale pricing but also happily sent out a set of the two decks of cards that will help most of our students.

One deck is titled Little Talk, sold out on their website, is 150 cards geared towards elementary and younger teens. The goal of these cards is to be used as conversation starters that increase self-expression, self-acceptance, and personal development.

The second deck is titled Courage Over Comfort, geared towards mid-teens through adults. The goal of this 150-card deck is to create daily, weekly, or monthly challenges that empower the user to have the confidence to deal with new or difficult situations. These may be used to challenge our teens (not suffering from trauma) to step outside of their comfort zone, as well as creating challenges that can build teamwork among all staff.

Another response Jamie received the same day was from the Letz Talk Now company. These are also card decks, split into three age groups from age 5 to teens, as well as a deck for autistic students. There are 60 cards per deck and are intentioned to be conversation starters for each applicable student group, to help us discover how they are feeling or what they are thinking and to let them know that we do care, that they are heard, and that we do want to know about them and their lives.

Please support these amazing companies that have contributed to our school and our students!

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